Why You Need An M&A Lawyer

When selling your business, the M&A lawyer plays a crucial role throughout the negotiation and transaction process. They help you understand the complexities involved in a transaction and how to navigate through them. They know how to translate legal jargon into plain language and help you evaluate the pros and cons of various deal structures and terms.

An M&A lawyer is part negotiator, part contract lawyer, and part educator. They work with your advisors to provide input on deal structure and key terms. They draft and review all pertinent contracts, including deal terms, the transferability of existing client and vendor contracts, real estate contracts, warranty liabilities, and more.

Finally, they’re there to advise you on your rights and responsibilities in the transaction. Even if you are selling 100% of the business, you will likely have certain continued liabilities and operational obligations after the transfer.

M&A transactions are increasingly complex agreements, and different deal structures can present challenging legal issues. A seasoned M&A lawyer understands the language, the sticking points, and all the transaction pitfalls to avoid. They understand negotiations and how to protect their client’s interests without hindering the opportunity.

Christian Pizzuti

Associate, M&A and Valuations

Portage M&A Advisory