Business Valuation 

What’s your business worth? 


Every valuation has its own level of complexity. Our business valuation specialist is an accredited Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), governed by the CBV Institute, the authority in business valuation for nearly half a century. When you retain a CBV professional, you’re getting the services of a trusted valuation advisor.

As economic and industry climates change, your strategies for optimal operating must adjust.  At Portage M&A Advisory, we offer valuation services that keep you competitive and will help you reorganize your operating plans to ensure that you sustain growth and innovation.

Business valuation is a complex process requiring broad knowledge of finance and business, expert application of recognized valuation methodologies, and diligent adherence to professional standards. Knowing exactly what drives the value of a business or an intangible asset and how to measure it is critical to ensuring a professional valuation.

We provide independent business valuation for transactions involving:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Purchase or Sale of a Business
  • Buy-Out or Buy-In of Ownership Interest
  • Strategic Planning
  • Bank Financing
  • Valuations for Tax Planning

As part of our business valuation services we can also assist purchasers in identifying and negotiating the purchase of a new business.

For business owners looking to sell in the future we offer services that will assist in maximizing value when it is time to sell.  As part of this process we will identify key value and risk drivers associated with your business and help build a plan to improve the value of your company for a future sale.

What’s the next step? 


Simply give us a call so we can have a casual conversation in order to learn more about one another, keeping in mind that all information discussed is held in confidence.