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If you’re thinking about or ready to sell your business, this podcast is for you. Tap into the knowledge of industry experts and hear first-hand from clients who have secured life-changing deals.
Hosted by Portage M&A Advisory Founder + Partner, Jim Friesen.

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Lawyer managing business accounts. Close up of a senior businessman hands checking final report before submission. Close up of hands of leadership signing business contract.
September 25, 2023
32 min

Ep. 5: The M&A Lawyer Leverage

M&A lawyers play a critical role in rounding out a seller’s comprehensive and competitive deal team. Learn what to look for when adding this expert to your team. Guest: Kevin Fernandes | Partner at KMB Law | kfernandes@kmblaw.com
August 28, 2023
42 min

Ep. 4: Where Do Buyers Come From?

This episode provides all you need to know about buyers – who they are, what drives them and how a proper profiling process can help sellers find their perfect match. Guest: Thomas Bevilacqua | Portage M&A Advisory | VP thomas.bevilacqua@portagemaadvisory.com
July 10, 2023
30 min

Ep. 3: A Seller’s Experience: The Right Advisor Makes The Difference

For many, selling their business is uncharted territory. The right M&A advisor will confidently and calmly guide you on your path to a successful sale. Guest: Len Hume | Former Portage Client | Former Owner of Professional Cleaning Specialists (PCS) of Niagara
June 8, 2023
24 min

Ep. 2: Financial Planning: The Key to a Seller’s Sanity + Success

A comprehensive financial plan that merges business and personal documents is critical for selling your business and enabling your future. Guest: Wesley Haynes | Senior Investment Advisor RBC Wealth Management | Parekh-Haynes Group wesley.haynes@rbc.com
May 10, 2023
28 min

Ep. 1: Don’t Sell Yourself (or your business) Short!

Canadian business owners continue to leave money on the table when it comes to selling. Learn how early planning and a proper business valuation make all the difference. Guest: Ryan Buist | Portage M&A Advisory Partner & Head of Valuations | ryan.buist@portagemaadvisory.com

Disclaimer: The information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Please consult with a qualified professional regarding your specific financial situation.

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