Experience that
spans decades
and industries

Never take the first piece of advice you get

Burloak Tool & Die had been around for 39 years when the two brothers who owned it decided to sell in 2019. To their surprise, they were told BTD was unsellable — that they should just wind it down and walk away. They couldn’t believe it. When they came to Portage, we didn’t believe it. We brokered sales  for similar businesses in the past. We pored over data and financials, piecing things together, producing a valuation, marketing the sale and managing the process, we took BTD from an “unsellable” company to one that netted the owners millions.

Keeping a brand alive

Bart, the owner of B.R.’s Plumbing & Heating in Tillsonburg, ON, contracted Portage to sell the business and help plan his retirement. Over 28 years, Bart had built a reputation across central Ontario for quality HVAC installation. B.R.’s worked with custom developers, charged a premium and thrived off repeat business. Portage completed a detailed financial analysis of the business, put together a valuation and a short list of buyers. A natural fit was MechCan, an umbrella company acquiring companies just like Bart’s and building on their foundations. Bart is now retired, but the B.R.’s brand is still going strong.

When the sale just makes sense

Up Right Services supplies Toronto’s film and entertainment industry with set essentials like scaffolding, lighting products and green screens. Its husband and wife ownership team were looking for a buyer that could build on the reputation URS had and scale the business up. Then Covid hit, and the industry shut down. Working together, we used the time to make the company as enticing to buyers as possible. When pent-up demand for big productions returned to the city, the owners were able to navigate the surge and the sales process. URS was bought by a large supplier of set trailers looking for vertical opportunities. A perfect fit.

Protecting a legacy

Established in 2008, AYVA is one of the Canadian leaders in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education equipment. With global manufacturing partners and services that include installation, commissioning, training and a proud history of top-notch technical support, the owner wanted to remain actively involved in the business to help the buyer and customers through the transition process before retiring. Portage executed a detailed business analysis and a full appraisal and valuation. We then identified potential buyers and led a smooth and timely sales process.

Putting the “pro” in the sales process

Professional Cleaning Specialists of Niagara had been supplying the region with stellar cleaning and restoration services to residential and commercial clients since 1995 when its owners came to Portage for help. PCS had experienced consistent growth — including recent revenue and profit spikes — on the backs of top-notch staff and customer service. But ownership had been unable to find a buyer they believed would be a good steward of its legacy. That’s where Portage came in — we identified the right buyer and led the sale journey by building a partnership that ensured a smooth transition.

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