Key considerations when selling your business

You’re not alone.

Portage M&A Advisory will guide you through every step of the way. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to get you to your destination.  And it all begins with an honest conversation about the journey you’re on and where you are looking to go.  We will introduce you to our First Steps process which defines how we bring sellers and buyers together to generate win-win transactions. If you are looking for an M&A firm with a results-driven approach, we invite you to visit. The coffee is always on and we enjoy sharing stories of how we’ve helped business owners convert their dreams into new adventures.

Am I ready to sell my business? 

No doubt you have many questions about where to begin. The first step is to share your goals with us. Tell us about your business and what you are looking to accomplish. As business owners, we fully appreciate the importance of the decision you will be making, and the emotions involved.  And if you are still two or three years out, now is the ideal time to have a discussion with us.  We can work with you on mapping out the exit process to ensure that when the time comes, you and your business are fully prepared for this voyage.  

What is my business worth?

This is without a doubt the most frequently asked question – and rightly so!  We understand that this may be the first and only time in your life that you sell your business, so getting the valuation right is imperative.  You will take comfort in knowing we are well-trained and experienced in valuing businesses and that we adhere to specific valuation methodology and principles as set forth by the governing institute.  Most importantly, we will stand behind our valuation throughout the entire selling process. 

What does the selling process look like?

There are no shortcuts and this trek usually takes 12 months to complete.  It can also be intensive at times, but don’t worry, our team will handle the heavy lifting so you can continue running your business.  In total, there are over 30 detailed steps that we will navigate on your behalf.  Throughout each step, we will work closely with you, so you have control, visibility, and an awareness to how we are tracking according to plan.  And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your next adventure. 

Who will manage my engagement?

We are fully committed to every engagement we take on.  At Portage, this means having a dedicated group of specialized professionals focused on your business every step of the way. Although you will be dealing closely with one of the Partners, there will be a group of dedicated team members (deal team) that will be supporting your business in a variety of ways. From populating the data room, constructing the ‘go to market’ strategy, to navigating the negotiations process, we’ll ensure that we have the right person with the right skillset on the job. What’s more, to show you how committed we really are, we’ll be providing you with regular progress reports, so you have direct line of sight to the work being performed. 

What’s the next step? 

Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form so we can schedule a time to meet with you.  The objective of this initial meeting is to have a casual conversation over a cup of coffee in order to learn more about one another, keeping in mind that all information discussed is held in confidence.