Planning to Sell? Set Your Business Up for Success

Over 75% of small and medium-sized business owners in Canada are looking to sell their business over the next decade according to new research from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). This equates to transfers of over $2 trillion worth of corporate assets in the coming years. Business owners stated retirement (75%), burnout (22%), […]

Tracking Your Business Perks

Business owners take any number of perks from their business, from the more standard items like auto expenses, memberships, and insurance plans to extras like entertainment, vacations, or an additional family member on the books. Perks are a way for owners to be further compensated for their hard work. However, these perks can also complicate […]

Put Time Into Planning Sale Of Business

Over my career, I have witnessed business owners who spent more time planning for their children’s wedding, their 50th wedding anniversary, or even their fantasy football draft, than they put into planning for the sale of their business. According to the quarterly Market Pulse Report, we know that when it comes time to sell their […]

Will COVID-19 Impact The Value Of My Business?… It Depends

As we continue to take companies to market during COVID, we’re asking new questions about business response plans and resilience. It’s been interesting to see the different attitudes and approaches. The business owners who are burned out are very much taking a “sell now and let the next person deal with it” approach. We’ve been […]