Business Values Up In 2021

Business values increased in 2021 despite ongoing challenges from the pandemic, talent shortages, and supply chain disruption. Deal activity continued at an intense pace, with advisors across the country reporting increases in both incoming deal flow and completed engagements. More advisors characterized this as a seller’s market than nearly any other time in the last […]

Should a Buyer Overpay to Close a Deal?

As a valuation expert I often get asked, ‘should I overpay in order to close the deal?’ One of the main things I ask anyone asking this question is to consider the opportunity cost of not closing the deal. Being an expert in valuation I never want to say that valuation is not always the […]

When is the Right Time to Plan the Sale of Your Business

If you are a business owner, at some point you have likely asked yourself, “I wonder how much my business is worth.” Perhaps you’re considering selling, thinking about estate planning, or maybe you’re just curious if your business strategy is adding value. We’re seeing that many sellers start reaching out to their trusted advisors such […]