What Is An Equity Rollover When Selling Your Business?

In M&A, an equity rollover, or recapitalization (recap), occurs when a business owner sells their company but chooses to reinvest, or “roll over,” a portion of the proceeds into the newly acquired business. An equity rollover allows a shareholder to maintain a vested interest in the combined business and benefit from any potential future growth […]

Where Do Buyers Come From?

In Episode 4 of The Selling Successfully Podcast, Portage Founder and Partner Jim Friesen and Portage VP, Thomas Bevilacqua, get together to talk all about buyers – who they are, what drives them and how a proper profiling process can help sellers find their perfect match.  Here are 5 key takeaways for business owners thinking […]

How a Business Valuation Helps with a Management Buyout

A business valuation is a critical step in a management buyout (MBO) process, as it helps the management team understand the true worth of the business they are interested in acquiring. A management buyout occurs when a company’s current management team or key employees purchase a significant portion or all of the business from its […]

Questions To Ask When Hiring An M&A Advisor

When it comes time to sell your business, the right M&A firm can make all the difference. From running a well-organized process, to generating multiple offers, and negotiating the best possible fit for your goals, your advisor needs to bring a mix of transactional skills, resources, and chemistry to the table. These are some questions […]

Don’t Sell Yourself (or your business) Short!

Lights, camera, action! Portage Founder and Partner Jim Friesen kicked off the inaugural episode of The  Selling Successfully Podcast with special in-house guest, Portage Partner and Head of Valuations, Ryan Buist.  Jim and Ryan candidly captured the need-to-knows and best practices for business owners regarding early planning and maximizing business valuation.   Here are the 5 […]

Selling Your Business Should Not Be A 50/50 Coin Flip

So, you’re ready to sell your business. You have an M&A advisor helping you, your numbers are in order, and you’re feeling confident. But did you know that only half of the businesses will successfully sell—and that’s with a qualified advisor?   For years, member advisors of the International Business Brokers Association and the M&A Source […]