How To Find An Exit Coach

As you start thinking about selling your business, it is important to engage with someone who can coach you. There’s a lot of value you can create over the final years before you sell.

Start asking questions like, “How can I position my business for sale? What are the levers I can start to pull over the next 1 to 2 years to really make my business attractive?”

Sit down with a few advisors to understand their process. Do they specialize in deals your size? Do they have a team behind them? What happens if they get busy or want to take a vacation? (You don’t want to be underserviced because you’re working with only one or two people.)

Fit is important, too. This person is going to be representing what is probably your largest asset, and you’re going to be working together for roughly 8 or 9 months. You have options. Find someone you can work well with.

Robert Jones

Partner | M&A Advisor