When Should You Have Your Business Valuated

As a business owner, the value of your company is more than just a number. Yet, it is essential to understand that number to make informed decisions for the future of your business. Business valuations help measure the value of a company using financial principles. It is useful in determining the fair market price for […]

The Interpersonal Side of Negotiations

The interpersonal side of a negotiation refers to the way in which the individuals involved in the negotiation interact with each other. This can include their body language, tone of voice, and how they communicate with each other. It is important for the parties involved in a negotiation to be aware of and consider the […]

Why 75% of Deals Don’t Close

Tom West is considered by many to be the founder of modern-day business brokerage. A few years ago, he calculated what percent of businesses on the market actually sell. For most small businesses, those with sales of $10 million or less, he figured fewer than 25% actually transition to a new owner. A 75% failure […]

How M&A Will Respond to the Next Recession

The M&A world isn’t quite sure what to expect in the next recession. Private equity players weren’t nearly as dominant through the last market downturns. But today those firms have $1.8 trillion in uncommitted capital they need to put to work. With money to spend, and a timeline to do it, private equity may help keep valuations […]