What Is An Equity Rollover When Selling Your Business?

In M&A, an equity rollover, or recapitalization (recap), occurs when a business owner sells their company but chooses to reinvest, or “roll over,” a portion of the proceeds into the newly acquired business. An equity rollover allows a shareholder to maintain a vested interest in the combined business and benefit from any potential future growth […]

Retirement: Ready or Not?

In the latest episode of The Selling Successfully Podcast, Portage Founder and Partner Jim Friesen was joined by Portage Partner and Head of Valuations, Ryan Buist, to remind sellers that there’s much more to consider than just numbers when it comes to retirement. There’s an introspective process they must undertake to truly assess their level […]

How To Avoid Being Surprised By Your Business Valuation 

A significant number of business owners do not know how much their business is worth. That can be a source of conflict in the face of unfortunate events such as a divorce or a partnership separation. But it can be even more painful when the business owner plans to retire, only to find out the […]

Mastering Mergers: Acquisition Lessons Learned

In the latest episode of The Selling Successfully Podcast, Portage Founder and Partner Jim Friesen gets the inside scoop and buyer perspective from recent client Sean Brown, Partner at Summit Ridge Capital and now CEO of Burloak Tool & Die. Here are the 5 key takeaways for those thinking about or ready to acquire a […]

Top 8 Reasons Buyers Walk Away From an M&A Deal

Making the decision to acquire a business can be a complicated process fraught with risk. Even when the financials look good and the potential rewards seem great, there are several reasons why a buyer might decide to walk away from a deal. Understanding these reasons can help sellers prepare for negotiations and improve the likelihood […]

How a Business Valuation Helps with a Management Buyout

A business valuation is a critical step in a management buyout (MBO) process, as it helps the management team understand the true worth of the business they are interested in acquiring. A management buyout occurs when a company’s current management team or key employees purchase a significant portion or all of the business from its […]

Don’t Sell Yourself (or your business) Short!

Lights, camera, action! Portage Founder and Partner Jim Friesen kicked off the inaugural episode of The  Selling Successfully Podcast with special in-house guest, Portage Partner and Head of Valuations, Ryan Buist.  Jim and Ryan candidly captured the need-to-knows and best practices for business owners regarding early planning and maximizing business valuation.   Here are the 5 […]

Representation and Warranty Insurance in M&A

When selling your business, you make a set of promises to the buyer. You “represent and warrant” certain facts about the business. Essentially, you’re certifying that you provided accurate information and that there are no known issues pending (e.g., financial, legal, tax, compliance, etc.).  If it turns out those promises are false, the buyer has […]

Selling Your Business Should Not Be A 50/50 Coin Flip

So, you’re ready to sell your business. You have an M&A advisor helping you, your numbers are in order, and you’re feeling confident. But did you know that only half of the businesses will successfully sell—and that’s with a qualified advisor?   For years, member advisors of the International Business Brokers Association and the M&A Source […]

When Should You Have Your Business Valuated

As a business owner, the value of your company is more than just a number. Yet, it is essential to understand that number to make informed decisions for the future of your business. Business valuations help measure the value of a company using financial principles. It is useful in determining the fair market price for […]