You’ve already made history. Now it’s time to make your future.

When moving your business, and your life, into the next chapter, you can trust that we have the expertise to guide you through the process.

When it’s time to move on, it’s time for Portage

Portage is Ontario’s leader in mergers and acquisitions. Our team specializes in helping owners of private companies with enterprise values of $5 to $50 million traverse the sometimes-rough waters of the divesture process — whether it’s an immediate need or a long-term goal.

Owners can trust us to know the easiest path to maximizing sale profits while also finding the next great steward for their business, brand and legacy. We’re a modern, dedicated group with more than 30 years of cumulative experience and the only M&A firm in the province that are associated with an international M&A alliance (the Cornerstone International Alliance).

A true partner needs to be a friend with the expertise to lead the process. That’s Portage.

We have the expertise, experience and industry intelligence of a large M&A firm but offer the more personal approach of a boutique operation. We strive for your success, we just follow a different path to get there.

We also have a bank of buyers looking for opportunities and contacts to find others in manufacturing, construction, professional services and more.

Finding the best business isn’t always an easy road. An expert guide is a must. That’s Portage.

The journey begins with a tour of our in-house opportunities. We have clients in various stages of selling their businesses who are looking for the right buyer. Thanks to that knowledge, the right purchase might be closer than you think.

If not, our knowledge of multiple industries and connections to other M&A firms help clients understand what informed buyers demand and find the perfect fit.

Business Valuations

Chart a path early to ensure calm waters

The first thing you need to know when beginning the valuation journey is that it’s not a static process — your business is not dry docked, it flows as your industry evolves and the wider economy changes. That’s why it’s important to begin the process early. Our in-house valuation team (CBVs) work to maximize your business’s competitiveness by reorganizing operational strategies, sustaining growth, and fostering innovation.