Retirement for Business Owners: Part 1 and 2

A significant number of business owners have spent their lives building and growing their companies with the ultimate goal of selling their prized possession upon retirement and walking off into the sunshine. In other words, their business is their pension plan. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of the businesses we see, approximately 60% – 70%, have not been constructed or prepared for sale and there is a disconnect between their expectation and reality. We have found that many business owners do not have an accurate understanding of what their business is worth and more importantly, aren’t clear on their exit strategy.

In this video, Jim Friesen walks business owners through the steps they need to be taking now to get their business ready for a future sale.

Employee Benefit Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Kyle brings a unique business vision to the employee benefits industry with his MBA degree, CEBS designation ( Certified Employee Benefit’s Specialist ), and past experience working alongside top insurance brokerages in Canada. Kyle specializes in creating customized, innovative, sustainable and value-driven solutions to all of Westridge’s clients.

In this video Kyle discusses what carriers are doing to support their clients during COVID-19, the benefits of virtual healthcare, sustaining and implementing plan designs, and how often employers should be reviewing their benefits plans. Kyle is a true believer in order to be the best in your field, you must focus directly on your passion.



HR Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Karen Van Luven is truly an expert when it comes to human resources (HR).  In this video, she provides some practical advice to employers who are tasked with navigating some delicate HR issues that have emerged as a result of COVID-19.   More specifically, Karen touches on employee rights with respect to a safe environment, and how leadership can begin planning for a pivot and recovery.  

As an HR Generalist, Karen has more than 25 years of experience consulting business owners and specializes in offering practical business solutions to complex “people” challenges.   Karen holds a Business degree (B. Comm. Hons.) from Queen’s University and has been certified as a Professional in Human Resources (C.H.R.P.) from the HRPA.



Financial Planning Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

This is a must-see video for business owners looking to learn more about the best practices related to financial planning during these challenging times. Penny Stayropoulos discusses the importance of prudent planning and investing from a business owner’s perspective – and given that many company owners have most of their retirement savings tied to their business, it is even more crucial for them to ensure they seek professional advice. Penny is a seasoned advisor who specializes in working with business owners. She is a VP at Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management and holds the CFA, CIM, TEP and FMA designations and is a member of STEP Canada.

Coaching Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Award-winning business coach Dan Holstein offers up some insights on how business owners can navigate diversions in their business, create short-term sprint plans, and plan strategically during these times of uncertainty. Click on the video for more information.

Tips to Help Manage Your Business During These Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on Canadian businesses and on our economy in general.   There is no doubt that this pandemic is going to have a lasting impact – especially on small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

How you respond to this situation could really impact your business moving forward.  We’ve pulled together key information from leading sources to help you navigate this journey, click on the video for more information.