Retirement for Business Owners: Part 1 and 2

A significant number of business owners have spent their lives building and growing their companies with the ultimate goal of selling their prized possession upon retirement and walking off into the sunshine. In other words, their business is their pension plan. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of the businesses we see, approximately 60% – 70%, have not been constructed or prepared for sale and there is a disconnect between their expectation and reality. We have found that many business owners do not have an accurate understanding of what their business is worth and more importantly, aren’t clear on their exit strategy.

In this video, Jim Friesen walks business owners through the steps they need to be taking now to get their business ready for a future sale.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Senior Lending and Bank Underwriting

In this video, we discuss what business owners need to do to ensure their business is “new normal” ready and what the lending landscape looks like now after the impact of COVID-19.

Key Highlights:
* How COVID has impacted Senior Lending and Bank Underwriting
* Lending Landscape Looking Forward
* Tips and Strategies for Business Owners

A Conversation with Leon Goren – CEO of PEO Leadership

As the owner and CEO of PEO Leadership, Leon is dedicated to building communities of knowledgeable and respected business leaders by developing opportunities for shared insights and experience. Under his leadership, PEO is recognized as a premier executive leadership advisory community that positively influences the way leaders lead, learn and live.

M&A In Today’s Environment

In this video, Natasha DiCienzo from Scotia Wealth Management interviews Jim Friesen about the state of M&A in the current market and what it means for business owners who are thinking of selling their business and buyers who are looking to acquire.

 Strategies for Business Owners: Options for Business Transitions

Business owners must plan and be prepared for the sale of their business. In this video, Natasha DiCienzo from Scotia Wealth Management talks about why business owners should have a financial plan in place prior to selling their business and what their options are for a smooth succession.

Natasha DiCienzo is a Wealth Advisor at Scotia Wealth Management. Natasha has the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and is licensed in Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and Life Insurance. She is a graduate of the HBA program from Ivey Business School in London, Ontario. Natasha was born and raised in Niagara Falls in a family of business owners and entrepreneurs. She is motivated every day to work closely with business owners and their families to maximize their wealth and financial confidence.

Strategies for Business Owners: Funding a Buy/Sell Agreement

In this video, Samuel Waxman from Sterling Park Financial Group talks about the importance of shareholders’ agreements. Why you should have one, the problems that can arise, and how they can be fixed. Samuel also addresses the importance of properly structured buy/sell clauses to allow for a seamless transition to the business after the death of a shareholder while providing certainty and immediate liquidity for the heirs of the deceased shareholder.

Samuel Waxman is a licensed Life and Living Benefits Insurance Advisor who has been in Financial Services since 2011. Samuel focuses on providing insurance and estate plans to recently graduated professionals as well as young families and business owners. 

Manage Your Business During These Uncertain Times with TD Commercial Banking

Jim Friesen and the Relationship Team at TD Commercial Banking- St. Catharines, discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on business owners and how TD has adapted to the new themes that have emerged during these times.

 Jennifer Monaco – Relationship Manager

Adam Lodder – Manager Commercial Services

Andrew Doto, CPA – Account Manager

TD Commercial Banking takes the time to learn about your business and industry so that they can react to changes in the marketplace and anticipate your business’s evolving banking needs. Your Relationship Team can also connect you with other specialists at TD to help move your business forward.

Part 3: Navigating the COVID Crisis for Business Owners: Entrepreneur VS Investor

In the final part of this series Martin Grzadka of IG Private Wealth Management- Wilk Grzadka Group discusses market cycles and the long term view, as well as the dynamics of transitioning from entrepreneur to investor.

Part 2: Navigating the COVID Crisis for Business Owners: Industry Performance

In part 2 of this 3 part series, Martin Grzadka of IG Private Wealth Management- Wilk Grzadka Group, discusses the strong economic indicators before COVID-19 and how consumer behaviour is impacting industries.

Part 1: Navigating the COVID Crisis for Business Owners: View From the Top

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Martin Grzadka of IG Private Wealth Management- Wilk Grzadka Group, discusses the economic metrics during the lockdown. 

Martin’s practice focuses on providing financial services for medical & dental professionals and incorporated business owners. He and his team analyze and optimize corporate and personal financial structures to minimize taxes, build an integrated plan, analyze fees and tailor investment portfolios to reach goals with controlled risk and flexibility. By creating a comprehensive financial plan Martin and his team assist in implementing various strategies at different stages of life.

Strategies for Family Owned Businesses During COVID-19

In this video, Holly Simmons, Family Enterprise Advisor highlights the importance of the Three Circle Model and how it affects the family, the impact of COVID-19 on family businesses, and the steps family businesses need to take now to help build wealth, create harmony, and build a legacy.

Holly is a Thinking Partner and Founder of Golden Lasso. She works with business families who want to increase harmony and reduce family friction that impacts business success. Holly strives to create alignment and momentum for family businesses. Holly’s services include coaching, facilitation and training, focused on communication and leadership development.

Marketing Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

In this video, Mike Jennings President of MoreSALES talks about building trust with clients online in a post-pandemic world, the importance of an updated website and virtual presence, and why it’s crucial to implement software tools and techniques that can identify, track, engage and nurture your potential customers.

Launching MoreSALES in 2005, Mike focuses on generating results for clients across North America. Mike is a Paul Harris Fellow, past president of The Rotary Club of Cambridge North and was 2014 Rotarian of the Year. As a former professor of sales at Conestoga College, Mike has been recognized for his work with the Entrepreneur Mentorship program.

Part 3: Legal Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Is there an elephant in the room?

Plans are only as good as their execution. In part 3 of our series, Andrew Brown of Brown Lawyers urges business owners to have tough conversations. The communication about your exit to your key stakeholders will have to take place at some point. By handling the conversation the right way, managers, employees, suppliers, and even family, can see into the future and feel comfortable that there will be growth for the business.


Part 2: Legal Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Do you have the right advisors at the table?

In part 2 of this 3 part series, Andrew Brown of Brown Lawyers emphasizes the importance of having an aligned deal team of collaborative advisors. Mergers and acquisitions take an immense amount of planning if they are to be successful. The deal team’s ability to communicate and work together can dramatically influence the outcome of a transaction

Part 1: Legal Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Andrew Brown of Brown Lawyers discusses the importance of having up to date legal records and documents. A business that is well-prepared in advance of selling is far more likely to attain maximum value and price during the transaction.

Brown Lawyers is changing the way people feel about the law, and about lawyers. They encourage clients to take a preventive and pragmatic approach to legal planning and services.  Brown Lawyers is a destination for clients that recognize that clarity and preparedness in their business, their assets, their legacy planning, and their relationships lead to a better quality of life and overall individual well being.

Recruiting Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Krista Wright is a dedicated professional recruiter who advocates for her clients. In this video, Krista covers best practices for hiring during this current recovery period, the latest technology in virtual interviewing and onboarding, and how business owners can save time and money by engaging a recruiter.

Recruiting Concepts Inc. offers services geared towards helping small, mid sized and large companies with their standard and more specialized, technical or tough to fulfill hiring needs. Offering recruitment marketing and advertising, headhunting & shortlisting services along with references, and psychometric assessment tools added in to each hire to mitigate risk. 

Employee Benefit Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Kyle brings a unique business vision to the employee benefits industry with his MBA degree, CEBS designation ( Certified Employee Benefit’s Specialist ), and past experience working alongside top insurance brokerages in Canada. Kyle specializes in creating customized, innovative, sustainable and value-driven solutions to all of Westridge’s clients.

In this video Kyle discusses what carriers are doing to support their clients during COVID-19, the benefits of virtual healthcare, sustaining and implementing plan designs, and how often employers should be reviewing their benefits plans. Kyle is a true believer in order to be the best in your field, you must focus directly on your passion.

HR Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Karen Van Luven is truly an expert when it comes to human resources (HR).  In this video, she provides some practical advice to employers who are tasked with navigating some delicate HR issues that have emerged as a result of COVID-19.   More specifically, Karen touches on employee rights with respect to a safe environment, and how leadership can begin planning for a pivot and recovery.  

As an HR Generalist, Karen has more than 25 years of experience consulting business owners and specializes in offering practical business solutions to complex “people” challenges.   Karen holds a Business degree (B. Comm. Hons.) from Queen’s University and has been certified as a Professional in Human Resources (C.H.R.P.) from the HRPA.

Financial Planning Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

This is a must-see video for business owners looking to learn more about the best practices related to financial planning during these challenging times. Penny Stayropoulos discusses the importance of prudent planning and investing from a business owner’s perspective – and given that many company owners have most of their retirement savings tied to their business, it is even more crucial for them to ensure they seek professional advice. Penny is a seasoned advisor who specializes in working with business owners. She is a VP at Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management and holds the CFA, CIM, TEP and FMA designations and is a member of STEP Canada.

Coaching Strategies for Business Owners During COVID-19

Award-winning business coach Dan Holstein offers up some insights on how business owners can navigate diversions in their business, create short-term sprint plans, and plan strategically during these times of uncertainty. Click on the video for more information.

Tips to Help Manage Your Business During These Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on Canadian businesses and on our economy in general.   There is no doubt that this pandemic is going to have a lasting impact – especially on small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

How you respond to this situation could really impact your business moving forward.  We’ve pulled together key information from leading sources to help you navigate this journey, click on the video for more information.