Client Testimonials

Well it’s been a journey! We can honestly say that the journey would not have been as calm and successful without the steady influence of Jim Friesen and Thomas Bevilacqua of Portage M&A. Jim- It was music to our ears when you said “Yes, I think you have something to sell” You helped us get our reporting in order and were a rock star as you guided us through the first ups and downs of the process. That steady influence has continued throughout the time. Thomas- It has been a delight to work really closely with you the last 7 months as we narrowed the focus and got this deal done. You were exceptional. You are very good at everything you do and a wealth of knowledge about all things “transition”! From a Sellers perspective we are very impressed with all aspects of your service. You were reasonable, realistic, supportive, and most importantly, knowledgeable about our business and our industry We will be forever grateful for guiding us on this path.

Len Hume

Portage M&A Advisory did an excellent job selling my business. They not only made it easy for me but they also made it easy for the buyer, which is the hardest part of the transaction. Portage provided enough information and assistance so that the transition was perfectly smooth and I can honestly say that all of my previous employees are truly happy. For anyone looking to buy or sell a business, I would definitely recommend hiring Portage M&A Advisory.

Demetri B

I absolutely would recommend Portage when selling a business. From day one, it was nothing but smooth sailing, in what could have been a very stressful time. No matter what curveball was thrown our way, our advisor was able to guide us in the right direction and make the whole process immensely easy. Our advisor, Robert was so knowledgeable and easy to work with. I do not know how we would have got through this without him. He was on top of his game and had answers to every question possible from myself and the buyer. If you are looking for a reputable, reliable and hard working company. Portage is the way to go!! Thank you so much for everything!!

Shannon Ronald

Portage did an amazing job for me when it came time to sell my business. Thomas and Jim provided all of the skills required to understand and create a thorough Information Circular and were always available to offer calm and re-assuring support during the process, even when Covid through a major wrench into things. Their access to an extensive network of buyers and banking contacts kept them on top of the changing environment which was a huge asset for us as the sellers and for the eventual buyers as well.

Thanks Thomas and Jim for easing the burden of this process and for making the entire selling experience a positive one for me and my wife.

Matt H

Rob and the team are very diligent, thorough and very knowledgeable with all aspects of M&A. They were fantastic in offering unbiased advise, being available immediately to tackle any challenges. We had the opportunity work with Thomas and Rob on two separate occasions they both showed great professionalism, good negotiation skills and dedication to their clients. We would definitely use Portage on our next opportunities as well and for anyone considering Portage we can assure you that you’ll be in great hands.

Tam Thiyaga

I recently sold my business with the help of the team. They were very professional, thorough, and without their help and assistance, the transaction and transition might not have happened. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is trying to sell a business.

Alan Berger

Having had a chance to work with this team at Portage M&A as part of a purchase transaction, I can honestly say that they are extremely strong facilitators to ensure both the buyer and seller come to rapid agreement on key terms. The CIM prepared for the Seller was one of the most comprehensive yet clear documents I had come across in my search for a business, making my job of assessing the prospective business so much easier. I would have no hesitation to recommend their services for any business contemplating a sale.

Jason Schwandt

Portage M&A are fantastic to work with. Very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive throughout the whole buying/selling process. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with Jim and his team again!

Bailey Charles

Thanks Thomas and Jim for the tremendous amount of work you did for us to get our business deal done! It was way too fun working with you for something that should have been stressful in theory. Looking forward to working with you on any future mergers or acquisitions!

Christine Dallicardillo

Portage made my experience of selling my business much easier as they guided me on what to do every step of the way. Selling a business can be very overwhelming and requires many steps that I could not have done without them. They are very knowledgeable and have certainly exceeded my expectations. They were able to find quality buyers which is important and avoids time wasted. I would highly recommend this friendly committed team.

Karie Constantino

Portage M&A Advisory did an outstanding job in selling my business. The team at Portage provided me with realistic, reasonable timelines and the reassurance they would find the right buyer for my company. The time and effort that the team put into selling my company highly exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend hiring Portage M&A Advisory.

Leslee Smith

Portage came to me with an opportunity that I wasn’t expecting but fit really well with my current company. They helped manage the entire process, handled the information request, and things went really smoothly. Thanks for bringing this opportunity to my attention!
Rob Simmons