Electrical Contracting Business

Business Overview

Business Status: Sold
This profitable electrical contracting business has built an enviable reputation in the industry. Much of their success can be attributed to their level of professionalism, organization, quality workmanship, and expertise they bring to every job. The owner has focused their efforts on strategic initiatives while having staff manage the day-to-day operations of the business. Having solid processes in place and leveraging the benefits of the union are a few of the key drivers that have led to the growth and success of this company. Many of the common pain points that competitors face such as labour shortages have been mitigated by ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction, recruiting top talent for an apprenticeship, and utilizing the local union for short-term labour needs. This business was recently recognized for the great work that they have done in their community.

Business Profile

Industry: Electrical Contracting Business
Location: Southwestern Ontario
Founded: 2013
Number of Employees: 10-12

Financial Information

Asking Price: $406,000
Revenue Summary: Sales have grown by more than $427K or 44% over the past two years
EBITDA Summary: In F2018, the company made a strategic decision to invest in its labour force in order to support future growth. This decision led to a short term reduction in profit for the year. Normalized EBITDA rebounded in F2019 and is projected to reach $185K in F2020.


FYE Normalized
2019 $1,415,000


FYE Normalized
2019 $135,000

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